Wrights Curs

Our Breeding Program is based on PROVEN Outstanding Working and Producing Individuals with Proven Genetics & We Line Breed these Exceptional Individuals and Proven Genetics! We breed, work and sell Genetics, and have bred for the public over 20 years. Stock and Big Game dogs bred to be Complete and Outstanding Working, Hunting, & Producers. We have dogs in 46 states, Canada, Australia, the Bahamas and Mexico, being used on Stock, Big Game, Predator, Varmints, Blood Tracking, Search and Rescue on humans, Decoying, Trap Lines, Farm & Ranch, Protection, Family Dogs and so much more. We Owned Weatherford’s Ben, Wright’s Bounty Hunter, Conn’s Randy, Wright’s Western Hell Kat, Wright’s Yellow Jacket, Wright’s Southern Belle, Rio Grande Blondie and this is where ALL their original Line Breeding/Genetic Engineering began! Thank You to all our customers for your continued dedication, support and use of the genetics we love and breed.

All our Weatherford’s Ben bred males listed are well started to finished and are Very Outstanding individuals. All have extreme bottom, natural working drive and desire, hard lead, intense windmill, wide and deep hunt, nose both track and wind, outstanding athletic abilities, outstanding speed, cat quickness and agility, catch, heart, desire to please, and intelligence. Other specifics are listed with each dog.
SUPER SIRE ~ Wright’s Western Jaguar – P1980. ( Wright’s Rodeo Gator X Wright’s Western HELL KAT ) 2/10/10 – Fawn Buckskin, Black Mask, 56 Pounds, Long, Deep, Cut High and Tight, Extreme, STRONG Conformation, 26.827625% Line Bred Weatherford's Ben, 15X, 50% WRIGHT’S WESTERN HELL KAT, 25% Wright’s Latigo 225, 25% Conn’s Randy. Jag is a Super Sire, who is a proven Line Breeder of HIMSELF and his line bred genetics! Jag is a PROVEN, DOMINATE Producer who has Proven to reproduce and out produce himself consistently every time. To date this is the MOST COMPLETE, HEAVY WINDMILL, QUARTERBACK LEAD STYLE AND OUTSTANDING HELL KAT SON we’ve PRODUCED! He has ALL his dam's attitude, disposition, NASTY, COMPLETE CONTROL WORKING STYLE, A DEAD CATCH DOG that is one of the Most Outstanding Athletes we have ever owned, bred or seen. AN EXTREME CAT, ( Perhaps the Cattiest we've EVER bred ), in all his movements, quickness, speed and agility at a level ALL HIS OWN! Jag is one of the heaviest Windmillers and Hardest Quarterbacking Lead Dogs we've ever Produced or Seen, ( He is the heaviest Windmilling and Quarterback Lead Male Produced by the Hell Kat we’ve seen)! Extremely Slappy, even more so than his sire, with more Windmill and Quarterback Lead Style than his sire! WIDE, Hard, Deep Driving Hunt, Cold Nose, ( EXTREME HEAVY NOSE ), Deep Heavy Winder, Extremely Intense Working Dog that is all Drive, Desire, Heart and Deep Gut Wrenching Bottom! AN "ELITE" and very Outstanding, Complete Warrior! An EXTREMELY COMPLETE Hell Kat genetic producer and KENNEL Franchise Producer, Jag is a "Once in a Lifetime", Complete, Versatile Working Dog and Producing Sire!
Wright's Quicksilver Cyanide, P3340 - ( Wright's Quicksilver Kat X Wright's Western Trouble ), 62.50% Wright's WESTERN HELL KAT; 50% Conn's Randy; 25.72253125% Weatherford's Ben. 55 pounds, Silver Buckskin, Black Mask & Ears, Natural Bobtail, Long Legged, Outstanding Strong Muscled Conformation. Deep Wide Chest, High Tight Cut Flank, Beautiful Wide Head & Muzzle with a Big Beautiful Eye ~ Line Bred 62.50% Wright's WESTERN HELL KAT, ( Our ALL TIME TOP PRODUCING FEMALE ); Cyanide is PURE HELL and the MOST HELL his momma ever raised! One of the MOST EXCEPTIONAL, COMPLETE, PHYSICAL dogs we've EVER Produced! EXTREME Windmill, Quarterback Lead Style reminiscent of the Legend WRIGHT'S BOUNTY HUNTER, ( Whose blood he carries )! EXTREME, INTENSE Working Style, HARD Catch, COLD Nose, Deep, Heavy Wind! Outstanding, Wide, Hard Rolling Hunt, Drive, Desire and Heart with AMAZING HARD Gut Wrenching Bottom! Cyanide is out of the ONLY cross ever produced that line bred Conn's Randy & Wright's WESTERN HELL KAT at or above 50% each! He is a grandson of Wright's Western Rustler, ( Conn's Randy's ALL Time Top Producing son ) and every bit as physical as Rustler. His dam, Wright's Western Trouble, is Wright's WESTERN HELL KAT's ALL Time Top Producing Daughter, Wright's Western Rustler's ALL Time Top Producing Daughter and the ALL Time Top Producing Line Bred Conn's Randy female alive today. Cyanide has the Complete HELL KAT Attitude, Extreme Control and Nasty Working Style! A Genetic Machine and Franchise Kennel Producer who is an AMAZING Individual who represents the "Elite" of the Breed at a Level ALL his own!
Wright's Bounty Reno P2805 ( Wright's Bounty Kino X Wright's Bounty Reva ) 47.8515625% Weatherford's Ben, 31.25% Wright's Bounty Hunter, 25% Wright's Rodeo Gator, 25% Wright's Bounty Shiloh. Buckskin, 47 pound. Exceptional Athlete, Typical Hunter Working Style, Disposition and Characteristics, Heavy Windmill, Hard Rough Quarterbacking Lead Style, HARD Catch and Slap, Cold Nosed, Deep, Heavy Winder, Medium Hunt, Complete Outstanding Dog with Deep Hard Bottom. Extremely Gritty, Nasty Working Dog with a ton of Working Style and is Producing and Out Producing himself Consistently!
Wright's Bounty Gunslinger - P3291 - ( Wright's Bounty Kino X Wright's Western Sierra II ). 45.196386% Weatherford's Ben; 31.25% Wright's Western Pistolero; 22.65625% Wright's Bounty Hunter; 18.75% Conn's Randy. 62 pounds, Silver Buckskin, Black Mask & Ears. Outstanding Wide, Heavy Head and Jaws, Big Beautiful Eye, Long Body and Legged, Deep, Wide Chest and Tight Cut Flank. EXTREME Strong, Heavy Muscle Conformation and Bone! Very Typical Wright's Bounty Hunter Traits, Characteristics and Working/Hunting Abilities! Strong, HEAVY Bounty Hunter Windmill and Quarterback, Finesse Lead Style and the Extreme, Intense, Hard Driving Catch and Physical Working Style identical to his sire, Wright's Bounty Kino! The last son of Wright's Bounty Kino we kept back for our breeding program. Wide, Deep, HARD Rolling Hunt, Cold, Fast Nose, Deep, Hard Wind, typical of Wright's Bounty Hunter and Wright's Western Pistolero! A Genetic Machine and Kennel Producer Genetically Engineered to reproduce his and his Line Bred Exacts! Royally Line Bred but never overlook the Legends Gunslinger goes back to such as Wright's Yellow Jacket, Wright's High Sierra, Wright's Rowdy Rebel and Wright's Rebel Yell to name a few!
Wright’s Western Playgun – P-2020- 3/8/10. (Wright's Western Pistolero X Wright's Bounty Lena), Buckskin, Black Mask, 60 Pounds, Wide Heavy Head and Jaws, Long Legged and Body, Deep, Nice Chest, Tight High Cut Flank, Nice Arch to his Back, Complete, Strong Conformation! 50% Conn's Randy, 34.325% Weatherford's Ben, 12.50% Wright's Bounty Hunter. Playgun comes form one of the best crosses in the history of our breeding program and the Breed! Very Complete and Outstanding, he has the "WOW" Factor in every sense! AN EXCEPTIONAL ATHLETE, ONE OF OUR MOST ATHLETIC, AN EXTREME AND COMPLETE COW DOG! Playgun has a Presence when working that few have ever had, HARD DRIVING CATCH AND HANG, HEAVY Windmill, Hard Quarterback Lead Style, Cold nose and Extreme, DEEP WIND, Hard, Exceptional WIDE Hunt, Deep Gut Wrenching Bottom, Extreme Drive, Desire, Heart and Intelligence! He also has one of the best mouths of any of our Stud Dogs, Past OR Present! An Extremely Exceptional Complete Franchise in One Package!
Wright’s Quicksliver Kat – P2816 – ( Wright’s Western Jaguar X Wright’s Western Hell Kat ). DOB – 10/21/12. Silver Buckskin, Black Mask & Ears, Natural Bob-tail, 57 Pounds. Big Beautiful Eye, Heavy Broad Head, Heavy Jaws, Chiseled Cut Heavy Muscle in a Tight, Refined Conformation, Deep, Wide Chest, Tight, High Flank, Cat Quick Speed & Agility. 75% WRIGHT’S WESTERN HELL KAT, Our ALL TIME #1 PRODUCING FEMALE! Silver IS THE ONLY 75% WRIGHT’S WESTERN HELL KAT MALE PRODUCED TO DATE, ( 3/14 )! 37.50% Conn’s Randy; 24.2263125% Weatherford’s Ben. An EXTREME DEAD Catch Dog, there is absolutely no Forgiveness to Silver. Hard, Rough, INTENSE, COMPLETE CONTROL Working Style, even MORESO than his Sire! INTENSE, HARD, ROUGH Windmill and Quarterback Lead Style! DEEP, WIDE, INTENSE HARD Driving Hunt, Cold Nose, Heavy, Deep Wind, Pure Heart with the same Gut Wrenching Drive, Desire and Bottom of his Sire and Dam! He is EXACTLY what he was bred to be and MORE, Silver is one of the MOST Outstanding & Complete Athletes we’ve EVER Produced. A Complete Genetic Machine and Franchise Kennel Producer, here is the Future!
Wright's Western Kat Trap - ( Wright's Western Jaguar X Wright's Western Gunpowder ). 37.50% Wright's WESTERN HELL KAT; 34.375% Conn's Randy; 31.92440625% Weatherford's Ben. 60 Pounds, Yellow Black Mask & Ears, Natural Bobtail, LONG Legged and Body, Extremely TIGHT, Strong Conformation, DEEP Wide Chest, High Tight Flank, Outstanding Arch Back. As close to a Jaguar clone as they come in every way, just a little more of him. AN EXTREME CAT in all his Movements, Quickness, Speed and Agility just like his sire and his Line Bred Bounty Hunter Genetics! OUTSTANDING, EXTREME, INTENSE WRIGHT'S BOUNTY HUNTER HARD Catch, Windmill Control, Quarterback Lead Style, Cold Nose and Wind! Hard Deep Rolling Hunt, Drive, Desire, Intelligence, Heart and Bottom! Trap is an ELITE Genetic Machine Genetically Engineered from the Most Exceptional in our history! Line Bred Wright's Western HELL KAT, ( Our ALL Time Top Producing Female ), Weatherford's Ben, ( The Nation's #1 ALL Time Top Producing Sire ), Wright's Bounty Hunter, ( The Nation's #2 ALL Time Top Producing Sire ), Conn's Randy, ( One of the Nations Top 10 Leading Producing Sires ), also carrying Wright's Western Gunslinger, ( One of the Top Producing Sires at time of death and one of the MOST Complete, Outstanding combination Cow and Bear Dogs in our history & Wright's Western Pistolero's Top Producing Son ), Wright's Bounty Lena, ( Conn's Randy's # 2 All Time Top Producing Daughter ), Wright's Rodeo Gator, ( One of the All Time Top 10 Producing Sires ), and one of our Greatest Corner Stones, Hall of Famer, Wright's Southern Belle and Wright's Steel Trap! The Greatest Royalty and Elite Genetics in our history flow through Traps veins and he is an Exceptional Representative of them all!
Genetics of females are listed, they are all well started, most finished, and very outstanding and complete in every way just like our stud dogs.
Wright’s Bounty Reva – P2087, ( Wright’s Rodeo Gator X Wright’s Bounty Shiloh ). DOB – 5/5/2010. 41.015625% Weatherford’s Ben, 25% Wright’s Bounty Hunter. 40 Pound, Yellow Black Mask. EXTREME Windmill & Quarterback Lead Style! Outstanding, Complete All Around Dog.
Wright’s Western Hell Kat P-1272 ( Conn’s Randy X Wright’s Western Brandy ) 03/07/05. 21.625% Weatherford’s Ben, 37.50% Wright’s Western Rambler. 48 pounds, buckskin black muzzle and lined eyes. Its all in the name, it says it all! Extremely outstanding and complete, one of the most outstanding females I’ve seen!
Wright’s Western Trouble, ( Wright's Western Rustler X Wright's Western Hell Kat ), DOB- 4/1/08. Line Bred 62.50% Conn's Randy, 27.21875% Weatherford's Ben 8X, 37.50% Wright's Western Rambler
Wright’s Bounty Echo Kat, ( Wright's Bounty Kino X Wright's Western Hell Kat ). Line Bred, 38.15625% Weatherford's Ben. Carries 25% Conn's Randy; 18.75% Wright's Bounty Hunter; 18.75% Wright's Western Rambler. The Hell Kat is our All Time Top Producing Female and when you look at her line up of daughters and granddaughters it is clear why. They keep getting better and better and Echo is a perfect example! She has all the Hell Kat Attributes with the Bounty Hunter Working & Lead Quarterbacking Lead Style, Extreme HARD Wind and CATCH! Plus she has the Hunter/Kino stretch, leggy conformation and Outstanding Athletic Abilities, she looks like she moves on air!
Wright’s Bounty Katalena – P2933. ( Wright’s Bounty Rango X Wright’s Western Trouble ). DOB – 10/20/12 – 25% WRIGHT’S WESTERN HELL KAT; 28.125% Wright’s Bounty Hunter; 31.25% Conn’s Randy; 37.046875% Weatherford’s Ben, 16X. Yellow, Black Mask & Ears, Natural Bob-tail. One of the most athletic females we’ve ever bred or owned. Typical Bounty Hunter Extreme Wind,Cold Nose, Windmill & Quarterback Lead Style.
Wright’s Western Gunpowder, DOB – 1/13/10, ( Wright’s Western Gunslinger X Wright’s Western Trouble ). 15.75% Wright's Bounty Hunter, 25% Wright’s Western Hell Kat, 37.021875% Weatherford's Ben, (LINE BRED to Ben 27 TIMES!), 43.75% Conn's Randy, 5X. Extremely Deep, DOUBLE Line bred Ben and Randy Genetics. Very Complete, Outstanding Cow Dog and PRODUCER!